what a DIFFERENCE 2 djs make

“The groove, the flow, the vibe, the energy, all these words sound generic until put to the test. The first law of thermodynamics states that the change in the internal energy of a closed system is equal to the amount of heat supplied to the system.
It translates to the dj-sets of Sweatshop: their performance seems to generate so much heat that it goes everywhere, into the set, out onto the dance floor, via the legs, the body, into the mind.

This makes Sweatshop the opposite of many screengazing dj's: they can not keep still, they couldn't escape the rhythm if they wanted to. It makes them do mischievous little dances, go off their rockers and climb the dj-booth or even join the crowd on the dance floor to share the fun.

With a combined 40+ years of dj- experience Alan & Mike know all about the right record at the right time, about mixing up musical genres, the necessity to get the most out of the moment. They know when to add some ice cubes and when to bring out the fireworks, they do this because the music says so.”




LuminAir Amsterdam

every week | Hilton DoubleTree | 11th floor Oosterdoksstraat 4, Amsterdam

LightPinkweek Spring 21

Robinson Club Soma Bay, Egypt

Waterfront Chill & Groove

11 & 12 juli | Waterfront rest, jollenpad 10, Amsterdam

Sandy Hill Chill Festival

6 juli | beachclub sandy hill, Zandvoort

Sea Food Bar Cruise

23 juni | supperclub cruise, Amsterdam

Summer Opening 2019 by Fishi & Friends

15 juni | delta musik park, Essen, Germany

Sea Food Bar Cruise

9 juni | supperclub cruise, Amsterdam

Taste of Amsterdam 19

va 30 mei | Amstelpark, Amsterdam

DeepRed Week Spring 19

16 mei | Robinson Club Soma Bay, Egypt


12 mei | supperclub cruise, Amsterdam

KingsDay @ Frits

27 april | Jan Evertsenstraat 135, Amsterdam

Goois Jazz Festival

23 maart | Spant Theater Bussem

MADAM toren

22 maart | ADAM Toren  Amsterdam

Hiswa Amsterdam Boat Show

8 maart | RAI Amsterdam


For information or availability send an emailto: info@sweatshop.rocks or use the form below: